Four civilians killed, others injured by terrorist shell attacks in Idleb and Hasaka

Idleb and Hasaka, SANA- Takfiri terrorist organizations on Monday targeted with tens of rocket shells al-Foua city in Idleb, leaving four civilians killed and injuring others.

“Two women were among the killed”, Local sources in the city said, clarifying that rocket shells caused also material damage to houses and demolition of a part of minaret of the Big mosque in al-Foua.

The sources pointed out that clashes between popular groups in al-Foua and Takfiri terrorist organizations are continuous since the morning.

In the northeastern province of Hasaka, three civilians were injured by Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)terrorist attacks against Tal Tamr and Tal Harmz in the western countryside of Hasaka, while material damage was caused in houses and churches.

Local sources said that “ISIS” terrorists fired more than 20 Artillery shells and tens of mortar shells towards Tal Tamr and Tal Harmz, 30km to Hasaka city, leaving three civilians injured.

ISIS terrorist attacks caused also material damage to several houses and churches,while locals formed popular resistance groups from the young men in the towns to face ISIS attacks.

M. Freih/ Barry

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