Demonstration in Sofia condemned subversive role of NATO and foreign countries towards Syria and Ukraine

Sofia, SANA- Bulgarian parties, organizations and Popular societies had organized a demonstration to condemn the subversive role of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and European Union (EU) in Syria and Ukraine, with the participantion of Syrian and Russian communities and Bulgarians citizens.

The participants in the demonstration,in front of Bulgarian Parliament Building in Sofia, considered NATO and foreign countries, particularly the United State are working for aggravating the crisis in Syria and Ukraine and violating international law by Destabilizing the security, stability and threaten international peace.

Biba Rashifa a member in the Popular Bulgarian Authority “Bulgaria against the war against Syria and Iran” called in a speech at the demonstration that EU and US are targeting Syria, People and leadership, due to its independence and resistance against international terrorism.
The participants burned NATO, EU and US flags and delivered a statement includes their Demands to the presidency of Bulgarian Republic and its Parliament.

M. Freih/ Barry

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