Syrian army unit performs night parachute jump in cooperation with Russian trainers

Damascus, SANA-An army formation executed a night parachute jump covered by warplanes in cooperation with Russian instructors and within the framework of coordination and joint training between the Syrian and Russian friendly armies.

The paratroopers carried out the jump in several stages with full field equipment in cooperation with Russian trainers, and this came as a subsequent step for the first training and the day jump that has took place recently.

Syrian skillful combatants performed their mission with complete success and efficiency in terms of implementing the set plan and reaching the designated places on time in rugged areas.

The joint exercises have showed the extent of harmony between the two friendly sides and the great effectiveness in achieving the desired positive results from these exercises, in the context of joint tasks carried out by the two armies in combating and eliminating terrorism.

English Bulletin/ Mazen Eyon


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