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Syrian basketball team loses to its Bahraini counterpart

Aleppo /SANA-Syria’s men national basketball team lost to Bahrain’s (67-76) points in the opening of the third window of FIBA Basketball World Cup qualification, in the match that was held Friday evening at Al-Hamadaniah Stadium, Aleppo.

Syria’s men national team is due to play against Iranian team next Monday at the same Stadium.

Our team had lost to its Iranian counterpart (80-68) points in the second window in Tehran, after beating its Bahraini ( 80-64 ) points in the same window in al-Manama. It also lost to its Kazakh counterpart in the first window (74-84) points in Nur Sultan, and also lost in the return match in Al Fayha Sports City in Damascus(71-81).

SANA News /Amer Dawa

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