‘Keep Fighting for a New Era of Prosperity’: President Maduro

Caracas,SANA- On Friday, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro called on his compatriots to continue fighting for the consolidation of a new era of prosperity for their country.

Simon Bolivar knew that if the consolidation of the military, political, and geopolitical victory in South America was not achieved, the Spanish imperialist army would not have been completely expelled from our lands, and a counteroffensive would occur sooner rather than later,” the Venezuelan president said.

“That is why, from the beginning, Bolivar conceived a strategy of continental liberation: the integration and independence of South America,” Maduro explained at a ceremony to remember the 201 years of the Carabobo Battle and celebrate the Day of the Bolivarian Army.

“A beautiful celebration of the victory in the Battle of Carabobo… My deep congratulations and a hug to each one of our soldiers, who are the direct heirs of the glories of Carabobo,” he stressed.

The great liberation campaigns are at the deep base of our roots and identity, with which we present ourselves to the world,” the Bolivarian leader added.

The Venezuelan head of state also recalled that Simon Bolivar conceived Latin America as one “Great Homeland” united by solidarity, equality, and justice. That was his legacy.

“That is the Bolivarian vision. And that is why we now assume ourselves fully and absolutely as militants in Bolivar’s cause. That is why we proudly say we are the Bolivarians of the 21st century,” Maduro stated.

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