Kyiv , with British support, makes a fake video about alleged battle with Russian forces, Russian military

Moscow, SANA- In an attempt to make the content look more dramatic a fictitious clash was simulated, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman ,Igor Konashenkov, revealed.

With Britain’s support Kiev has made a number of “morale-bolstering” videos for Western and Ukrainian audiences, creating an impression of the Western weapons’ high effectiveness, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov told the media on Friday.

Against the backdrop of Kiev’s political catastrophe in Mariupol and military failures in Donbass, he said, the regime in Kiev, with financial support from the UK, had organized the filming of “morale-bolstering” videos for Western and Ukrainian audiences.

“For one, on May 28, in the area of the community of Meshkovka, the Nikolayev Region, fake videos were filmed expected to demonstrate the allegedly high efficiency of Western weapons being used by Ukrainian nationalists,” Konashenkov added.
“The next filming sessions were scheduled for June 5 and 6. “This video content will contain false testimonies by ‘ordinary Ukrainians’ accusing Russia of allegedly deliberate shellings of peaceful communities,” he stated.

Konashenkov mentioned some details of how the faked videos were filmed. In an attempt to make the content look more dramatic a fictitious clash was simulated between the Ukrainian neo-Nazis and “vastly outnumbering Russian forces” on advice from British sponsors.

“The role of the Ukrainian neo-Nazis’ opponents in the simulated clash was performed by a local territorial defense unit wearing red bands. On the screen, the simulated enemy forces ride on Ukrainian armored vehicles, because no captured Russian ones were available,” Konashenkov clarified.

English Bulletin / Amer .H. Dhawa

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