Syrian-Iranian talks in fields of investment, agriculture, trade and free zones

Tehran, SANA- Iranian Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine & Trade, Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Mofateh has underlined the importance of holding a meeting on developing the Syrian-Iranian trade and economic relations in Tehran, with the participation of the Syrian and Iranian private sector, in addition to economic activists from both countries.

During his meeting on Tuesday with a delegation of Syrian businessmen participating in the forum, Sadegh said that this forum will open new horizons of joint cooperation between the two sides.

He affirmed the Iranian side’s willingness to cooperate with Syria in various fields of trade, industry, agriculture, transportation, banking transactions and joint investments.

For his part, Syrian Ambassador in Tehran, Dr. Shafiq Dayoub, said that the visit of the Syrian delegation to Tehran, which includes a large number of businessmen and investors from the private sector in various trade, industrial, agricultural, productive and other domains, show the desire to reach practical results that meet requirements of the current stage that the region and the world are witnessing.

On the sidelines of the forum, Director of the General Organization for Free Zones, Iyad Koussa, discussed with his Iranian counterpart, Dr. Saeed Muhammad, ways of benefiting from the experiences of the free zones work in the two countries, as well as attracting Iranian investments to work in these zones, whether in the trade or industrial fields.

The Iranian side proposed the preparation of a draft memo of understanding in the field of free zones work, which will be studied by the Syrian side in preparation for signing it during the meeting of the Syrian-Iranian Higher Economic Committee.

Fahd Darwish, Head of the Supreme Committee for Investors at the Syrian free zones, called for holding exhibitions in some Iranian cities, in addition to forums to acquaint investors with the advantages of investing in the Syrian and Iranian free zones and exchanging these advantages between both countries.

For his part, Head of the Syrian Federation of Agricultural Chambers, Dr. Mohammad Kashto and Mohsen Amini, Chairman of the Agricultural Committee at the Iranian Chamber of Commerce discussed proposals for implementing the joint plan to develop the agricultural sector in the two countries.

Kashto highlighted the most important Syrian agricultural products, the requirements of production and the agricultural mechanization.

The two sides agreed on establishing joint agricultural partnerships and exchanging expertise in all agricultural activities, in addition to many other issues that serve food security.

Rafah al-Allouni/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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