Zakharova: Nazi supporters have once again revealed their true face

Moscow, SANA -Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stressed that the attack on the Russian ambassador in Poland while laying a wreath on the tombs of Soviet soldiers indicates that the Western continues pursues a pro-Nazi policy.

Zakharova said on telegram channel that the neo-Nazis have revealed their actual face once again, which is a bloody face, noting that attempts to intimidate the Russians will not lead to anything, but rather that the people of Europe should fear these neo-Nazis.

The Russian ambassador to Poland, Sergei Andreev, was exposed to red dye with his wife and a number of Russian diplomats while they were laying a wreath earlier today at the tombs of Soviet soldiers at a memorial cemetery in Warsaw on the occasion of the Victory Day over Nazism.

Manar Salameh/Mazen Eyon

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