Moscow: A military stronghold of Ukrainian forces discovered in a school in Kherson

Moscow, SANA- Russian Defense Ministry said that the Russian army discovered a defense stronghold and a depot of weapons and military ammunition belonging to the Ukrainian forces in a school in the liberated Ukrainian city of Kherson.

RT website quoted the ministry as saying in a statement that “The Ukrainian Nazis used one of the Kherson schools to fortify themselves and used it as a point of deployment and turned it into a stronghold.”

The Ministry noted that this educational institution and its ground floor were filled with boxes of ammunition and weapons, as well as medicines and military equipment.

The statement pointed out that the Russian army examined the site in search for mines and bombs, removed all weapons and ammunition, and then handed over the building to the Department of Education of Kherson City.

The Russian armed forces currently control the entire Kherson region.

The Russian Defense Ministry has previously confirmed that Ukrainian militants are using schools, hospitals and civilian centers as military sites and weapons depots.

Nisreen Othman / Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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