Russia: Ukrainian subversive group prepares to carry out provocations in Kherson

Moscow, SANA- A Russian military source revealed that a Ukrainian subversive group positioned near Alexandrovka village in Kherson region is preparing to carry out provocations by killing civilians and accusing the Russian army of doing so.

“The sabotage group includes fighters who had been formerly working in Donbass, and they were transferred to Nikolaev, and their mission is to carry out sabotage activities related to the mining of residential buildings and schools, which may lead to a large number of civilian casualties.”, Russia Today website quoted the source as saying.

The source pointed out that “the vandals intend to target the schools,” adding that “the gunmen appear to be opening artillery fire at residential areas in order to direct more accusations against the Russian army.”

These moves come after allegations by Kyiv and Western countries about committing crimes and killing civilians in the Ukrainian city of Bucha and accusing the Russian army of carrying them out, which Moscow has denied, stressing the lack of evidence to support these allegations.

Nisreen Othman / Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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