Moment by moment… The 19th day of the Russian special operation to protect Donbas

  • Russian Defense Ministry: Destroying all firing points set up by the neo-Nazis in the suburbs of Mariupol
  • The Ukrainian forces shell residential areas in Donetsk republic
  • Russian Defense Ministry: downing two Ukrainian drones, one of them Bayraktar
  • Russian Defense announces the destruction of 86 facilities of the Ukrainian military infrastructure in one day, including 3 ammunition depots.
  • Russian Defense Ministry: 4 Ukrainian drones downed, one of which is (Bayraktar TB2)
  • The Russian Armed Forces continue its operation in Ukraine, as they managed to advance for 11Km over the 24 past hours
  • Russian MoD: 3,920 Ukrainian military targets have been destroyed Since the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine
  • A land corridor connecting Crimea with Donbas
  • Ukrainian nationalists carry out acts of sabotage at chemical plant near Donetsk
  • Russian MoD: ammo depot of the Ukrainian army destroyed

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