Speaker al-Laham meets dignitaries of al-Midan neighborhood in Damascus

Damascus, SANA – Speaker of the People’s Assembly Mohammad Jihad al-Lahham met a delegation of dignitaries, social and religious figures, and representative of reconciliation committees from al-Midan neighborhood in Damascus.

During the meeting, al-Laham said that the states that support chaos and violence in Syria do not care at all about the interests of Syrians or their future, as they only serve their own ends, stressing that the terrorism affecting Syria targets everyone without discrimination and seeks to undermine the structure of its state.

He lauded the efforts exerted by the people of al-Midan to preserve the security of their neighborhood and ensure that its inhabitants lead their lives normally, adding that dialogue and reconciliation are capable of isolating terrorists and bringing viewpoints closer, asserting that the government showed its commitment to reconciliation.

The Speaker stressed the need for services to be restored to areas where reconciliations took place and which have been secured so that life can return to normal in them.

In turn, head of the reconciliations committee at the People’s Assembly Omar Osi asserted that the committee is working hard to resolve the issue of detainees and missing people.

Members of the delegation said that Syrians will remain unified and faithful to their homeland, and that they will stand up to the terrorist takfiri plot targeting the country.

They also stressed the need to strengthen trust between the government and the citizens and provide the people’s essential needs and services, primarily fuel, in addition to monitoring prices in the market and reimbursing people whose lands were expropriated with the actual value of their properties.

Hazem Sabbagh

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