Syrian community in Slovakia condemns Israeli aggression on the vicinity of Damascus

Bratislava,SANA- The Syrian community and students in Slovakia condemned the Israeli aggression on areas in the vicinity of Damascus city, stressing that it constitutes a flagrant violation of international laws.

Members of the community and students denounced in a joint statement on Friday the West’s silence towards the criminal attacks of the Zionist entity that serve terrorist groups in Syria, which uncovers the hypocrisy of Western countries in the file of human rights and international law and makes them partners in bearing responsibility for these crimes.

“The attacks and criminal acts carried out by the Israeli enemy and terrorist organizations will not affect our determination to follow our educational attainment, but will only increase our strength and solidity with the homeland, its leadership and army in the face of American, Zionist and terrorist projects in the region.”, members of the community and students said in the statement.


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