A protest in Hasaka denouncing US occupation destruction of university buildings and infrastructure

Hasaka, SANA- The educational staff in al-Furat University branch, students, and official and popular bodies staged a protest at the President Square in Hasaka city in denunciation of the destruction of Economics and Civil Engineering Faculties and the Monitors Institute by the US occupation, in addition to seizing the Agricultural Engineering Faculty and preventing the education process in by QSD militia.

The participants raised banners denouncing continued violations of the US occupation and its separatist tool, QSD militia, by striking all sectors and educational facilities with the aim of spreading ignorance, illiteracy and backwardness among locales of the province, stressing that what is happening is a dangerous scheme targeting thousands of university students and schoolchildren.

 Director of the al-Furat University branch, Dr. Jamal Al-Abdullah, said in a statement to SANA reporter that the students, educational staff and the locals condemned and denounced the US occupation’s attacks on educational facilities, their systematic destruction, stealing of their contents, and depriving students from their right to learn after these colleges have gone out of service.

In addition, QSD militia prevented students from entering the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering to take their exams, and all this was in service of the occupier’s plans aimed at spreading ignorance and backwardness in society.

Manar Salameh/Hala Zain

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