Mikdad: Syria is determined to support rights of Palestinian people

Damascus, SANA -Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Fayssal Mikdad, said on Thursday that Syria is determined to support the rights of the Palestinian people and their honorable struggle to defend their land and sanctities.

Mikdad, meeting Minister of Agriculture of the State of Palestine, Riyad Attari, and an accompanying delegation, added that Syria believes in the legitimate and inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, including the establishment of their independent state on their land, and that land is the essence of this conflict, and the resilience of Palestinian farmers on their lands is the first front to resist the occupation and preserving rights.

He condemned the settlement policies and annexation of lands, pointing out that food security, whether in Syria or Palestine, depends mainly on the agricultural sector, and struggle in the face of unilateral coercive measures is one of the important indicators of that resilience.

For his part, Minister Attari stressed the importance of this visit in order to unify efforts in the framework of scientific research between Syria and Palestine to achieve progress and development of the agricultural sector in the two countries.

He expressed his appreciation for the ACSAD invitation to the Palestinian side.

In a statement to reporters, Minister Attari said that the meeting was fruitful and dealt with the most prominent events in the West Bank, especially the continuous attacks by the occupation entity, hailing Syria’s support to the Palestinian cause.

Manar Salameh / Mazen Eyon

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