Al-Mayadeen center still receives persons willing to settle their cases

Deir-Ezzor, SANA-The settlement process has continued in the center of al-Mayadeen City, Deir Ezzor southeastern countryside to receive those wishing to settle their status in the framework of a comprehensive settlement process in Deir Ezzor Province Which was proposed by the state to consolidate peace and security in a way that would reflect positively on public life.

A number of sheikhs and notables of clans in al-Mayadeen area told SANA reporter that the large turnout to the settlement center, particularly from citizens coming from Syrian al-Jazeera region, despite attempts of US occupation-linked QSD militia to prevent them from reaching the settlement centers, is a clear indication to al-Jazeera locals’ willingness to return to the Homeland lap.

Hybah / Mazen


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