Pains of homeland in lens of photographer Hagop Vanesian

New York, SANA – The Syrian expatriate photographer Hagop Vanesian travelled to the USA, carrying memories of his hometown Aleppo with images that cry over the civilization destroyed by terrorists.

Vanesian mixed between creativity and the objective, and he made his lens an eyewitness that tell the story to the world about his homeland before and after the terrorist attacks in an exhibition held by the United Nations headquarters in New York titled “pains of  Homeland”, showcasing the crimes committed by terrorists in Aleppo city.

In an interview with SANA, the photographer pointed out that the aim of the exhibition is to document the impacts of terrorism on Aleppo and to inform the world of the suffering of the Syrians.


Vanesian used to wander in Aleppo neighborhoods and take photos of city’s features. At the beginning of the events, he decided to document the destruction of the archeological landmarks and the suffering of the residents of the ancient city.
“How painful it is to see your hometown falling apart in front of your eyes,” Vanesian said bitterly.
He described his nostalgia to the hometown saying “ Despite the difference in time between Syria and America, I live to the time of Damascus.”

The Syrian permanent mission to the UN organized on 10th of the current month the exhibition, which featured 25 photographs that show the destruction caused by terrorism in Aleppo city.

R. Milhem / Ghossoun

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