Shaaban: US presence on Syrian lands an occupation that will be resisted by all possible means

Damascus, SANA- Special Adviser at the Presidency of the Republic, Buthaina Shaaban stressed that the US is existed in Syria to support terrorism and steal the resources of its people, asserting that the so-called “Caesar Act” is an American flagrant violation of the human rights and causes large damage to the economic and living conditions of this people.

In an interview with some Chinese media on Thursday, Dr. Shaaban said that the US is existed north of Syria to support terrorism, but not for combating it, expressing Syria’s condemnation to the US criminality against its people and to stealing its resources.

“Syria affirms that the US presence on its lands is an occupation which will be resisted by all possible means”, Shaaban went on to say.

The war waged against Syria contributed to unveiling the lies of the West and its allegations, Shaaban added, wondering that if the US is keen on the rights of the Muslims in China, why then it practices economic terrorism on the Syrian people, which is Muslim‐​majority country.

In regard to the so-called the “Summit for Democracy” which the US has called for, Shaaban said that those who steeal the oil and wheat from the Syrian people have no right to talk about democracy.

She pointed out that this summit is an expression of the bankruptcy of the US in leading the world, as this call has been based upon political criteria to interfere in the countries internal affairs, indicating that Syria has adopted since many years a policy to head east and “China is the example that we are keen to deal with.”

Hala Zain

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