Turkish occupation brings in military reinforcements to support its mercenaries in Hasaka countryside

Hasaka, SANA- The Turkish occupation forces brought in military reinforcements to support its terrorist mercenaries in Ras al-Ayn city, Hasaka northwestern countryside, in parallel their intensified attacks on safe villages and towns there.

Civil sources in Hasaka countryside told SANA reporter that military reinforcements belonging to the Turkish occupation included vehicles, armored personnel carriers, weapons, and logistical supplies were sent to the terrorists in Ras al-Ayn area, synchronized with an intense flight of the Turkish occupation’s drones in the airspace of the area alongside the border strip.

The development comes with the escalation of the Turkish occupation and its terrorist mercenaries their aggression on the villages in Hasaka countryside, as they attacked Tuesday morning civilians’ houses in the villages of Tal Shinan, Tal Kifji, and Tal Juma, and al-Dardara, causing massive material damage to the houses amid displacement the remaining locals in the area.

Nisreen Othman / Shaza  Qreima

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