Senior Malaysian delegation visits Syrian pavilion at “Expo Dubai”

Dubai, SANA- High- level Malaysian delegation led by, Minister of Environment and Water in Malaysia ,Tuan Ibrahim, visited the Syrian Pavilion in “Expo Dubai 2020″ in light of the worldwide international interest in the Syrian participation in the exhibition.

The delegation that included also Malaysian Ambassador in UAE and a number of businessmen and official Malaysian figures toured various sections of the Syrian pavilion.

With the presence of Khaled al-Shama, the pavilion’s director , and a number of the team members there, Syria’s Ambassador to the UAE, Ghassan Abbas , agreed with the delegation on continuing the meetings between the businessmen from the two sides with the aim of conducting workshops to enhance cooperation and develop bilateral relations.

Abbas said in a statement “our participation in this significant international event presents an opportunity to let the whole world know the Syrian culture and civilization and the economic opportunities Syria offers in many sectors ,of which food industries and tourism”

Baraa Ali /Mazen Eyon

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