Settling status of militants start in al-Jiza village, Daraa eastern countryside

Daraa, SANA- The process of settling the status of dozens of militants, the wanted and military deserters continued in Daraa eastern countryside in framework of the settlement agreement proposed by the State.

The competent authorities in cooperation with units of the Syrian Arab Army have settled the status of dozens of persons in al-Jiza village in a settlement center that was opened in the town, as a number of militants handed over their weapons to the army units, SANA reporter said.

The locals expressed satisfaction over the settlement agreement, in parallel with launching projects that contribute to improving the service situation.

In a statement to SANA reporter, head of al-Jiza Town Council, Mohamed Mahmoud Tabash, confirmed that the state had opened the way for the wanted to settle their status, which would contribute to restoring security and stability.

Tabash added that the settlements are a necessity for ending the state of chaos, destruction and devastation that targeted the service projects.

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