Syria, Russia discuss cooperation in energy field

Moscow, SANA- Syria and Russia have discussed means to open new horizons for   cooperation in the field of energy.

That came during a meeting between Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources, Engineer Bassam Tohme and Nikolai Shulginov,  Russian Minister of Energy on the sidelines of the Russian Energy Week International Forum in Moscow on Wednesday.

Both Ministers underlined the importance of cooperation between the two countries and the exchange of experiences in all branches of energy with focusing on the use of renewable energy resources during the next phase.

Earlier this morning, the Forum started its activities, with the participation of Syria at the Central Exhibition Hall Manege in Moscow, and it will last for one day

Discussing the possibilities of international cooperation in the energy sector is the main goal of the Forum, as its organizers seek to make it a platform for discussing the main challenges and difficulties facing the development of this sector in its various branches of gas, oil, coal and petrochemicals, in addition to electric and nuclear energy, renewable energy resources, energy rationing and improving its efficiency in general.

Rafah al-Allouni/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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