Significant growth in number of industrial and craft facilities implemented in 2021

Damascus, SANA- A remarkable growth has been witnessed in the number of facilities that entered production in the provinces of Aleppo, Homs and Damascus countryside since the beginning of the year until the end of last August, according to the Ministry of Industry.

There has been also a rise in the number of facilities in the main industrial sectors, thanks to the government facilitations provided to industrialists and traders, in addition to the rehabilitation of infrastructure and the issuance of laws and legislations encouraging investment, the Ministry stated.

A statement issued by the Ministry showed that the number of recently implemented facilities reached 251 industrial facilities in Aleppo, distributed among 60 food facilities, 65 engineering, 45 chemical, and 81 textile facilities, in addition to the implementation of 110 industrial craft facilities, distributed between 23 textile facilities, 53 food facilities, 24 engineering facilities, and 10 chemical facilities.

Meanwhile, the ministry’s data showed that the number of facilities in industrial complexes and zones in Aleppo province has reached up to 33,993, including 11,964 industrial facilities and 22,029 crafts facilities, of which 17,229 facilities have started production so far, in addition to 720 facilities operating in the industrial city of Sheikh Najjar and 183 facilities in the eastern countryside of the province are currently being rehabilitated, while the number of facilities before the liberation of Aleppo had been 2500 facilities.

In the industrial city of Hassia in Homs Province, the number of facilities implemented during the current year reached 26 “chemical, engineering, food and textile” facilities, compared to 13 facilities implemented last year.

In Damascus Countryside, the number of industrial licenses in Adraa industrial zone until the end of last August reached 3,757, and the number of operating facilities until was 1,068, while the building licenses since the beginning of the year reached 300.

The ministry indicated that the production wheel in Damascus countryside is actively working in Adraa industrial and the rest of the industrial zones.

It noted that compared to previous years, the current year was distinguished with regard to Adraa Industrial City with the highest percentage of industrial achievement.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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