A stand in Hasaka in protest against Turkish occupation crimes

Hasaka, SANA- Citizens of Hasaka city, with the participation of social and religious figures, organized a protest in front of the Justice Palace in condemnation of practices of the Turkish occupier and its terrorist mercenaries who still cutting off drinking water and depriving one million citizens form having water.

Participants in the stand raised banners condemning the inhumane practices of the Turkish occupier and its mercenaries, denouncing the international silence over the crime against humanity committed against the people of Hasaka who have been suffering from thirst for more than two months on the one hand, and rejecting the practices of the US occupation-backed QSD militia that aim to tighten the noose around the people of the city, on the other hand.

During the stand, speeches were delivered to affirm that the crime of cutting water is a war crime in accordance with international conventions which ban using water as a weapon to fight the people.

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