Al-Halaqi: Iran has major opportunity to establish developmental projects in Syria

Damascus, SANA – “Iran has major opportunities to establish joint developmental projects in Syria,” Prime Minister Wael al-Halaqi said during a meeting with head of the Iranian-Syrian Economic Relations Development Committee Rostam Ghasemi and the accompanying delegation on Thursday.

He underlined the positive outcomes of trade and economic deliberations between the two sides over the past few days as they contribute to opening new cooperation prospects between the two countries.


Premier al-Halaqi added that the true willingness and the strong Syrian-Iranian strategic political relations helped achieve these results which will positively reflect on the steadfastness of the Syrian people.

For his part, Ghasemi said that Iran will not hesitate to provide all commercial and economic support to Syria and its people, expressing confidence in the latter’s victory.

Means of implementing what has been agreed upon to establish joint projects in electricity, oil and transport, health, agriculture, communications and medical researches, in addition to providing food supplies, fuel and factory equipment spare parts, were also discussed.

Official Syrian-Iranian talks started Sunday to discuss the progress achieved in bilateral relations as well as the outcomes of Tehran meetings held last month and means of implementing them.

On the other hand, the Cabinet issued Thursday a decision on exempting public sectors’ imports from Iran from taxes and other fees for additional six months.

R. Raslan/ Barry


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