Cultural celebration at Indian Embassy in Damascus, marking 75th anniversary of independence

Damascus, SANA- The Indian Embassy in Damascus has held a varied cultural celebration on the 75th anniversary of India’s independence from the British occupation.

In a speech during the ceremony, Indian Ambassador in Damascus Singh Kanyal, expressed thanks for Damascus and the Syrians who have been able to present a mixture between the Indian and Arab cultures.

The Ambassador noted that culture is one of the most important standards of development in the society and it expresses the intellectual and cultural diversity and the acceptance of the others.

He underlined the importance of the Indian culture, referring to the role of Mahatma Gandhi as father of the Indian nation and the comprehensiveness of the Indian culture and its call for peace and love.

Mazen Issa, Chairman of the Supreme Committee of Yoga and Energy in Syria, said that the independence of India was inspired by the nonviolence of the wise project of Gandhi, and that the philosophy and teachings of yoga which have an Indian origin are based on the culture of tolerance.

Issa underlined the importance of sport and the need for it in Syria, particularly in light of the terrorist war waged against the country.

Dancer Wafa Jdid performed new dances from the Indian culture and Bollywood, and musician Ola Qarjouli performed a solo piano performance composed of eastern and western pieces.

A documentary film about the history of India was also screened, which is based on knowledge, science and courage, in addition to the spiritual philosophy and the struggle of the Indian people to achieve independence from the British occupation after great sacrifices and its adoption of three pillars: civilization, cleanliness and purity.

The dancers of the Supreme Committee of Yoga concluded the celebration with Zuma dances, in addition to yoga dances.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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