Al-Khomassya company sale reached up more than SYP 2 billion, continues to rehabilitate and maintain its machines

Damascus, SANA-Cadres of United Commercial and Industrial Company “ al-Khomassya “ continue to rehabilitate several of its machines and equipment which have been damaged by the terrorists in order to put them into service as soon as possible and increase their production capacity which have achieved a remarkable development in 2021.

During the past seven months of the current year, the company managed to sell SYP 2,942 billion to double its sold in copmarison of the same period of last year which reached up SYP1, 463 billon.

The company’s general director, Mustafa Helal, said in a statement to SANA that the cadres completed the rehabilitation and maintenance of 110 textile looms and put them into service, which contributed to increasing the production of this year where it reached up about 434 tons of raw fabric till now.

Meanwhile the production of medical Cotton section which did not stop during the years of terrorist war on Syria to secure the need of public and private hospitals according to Helal, adding that its production amounted to 55 tons since the beginning of the year until the end of July.

Hilal pointed to a number of difficulties and obstacles that hinder the work, including securing materials necessary for continuing the production process due to unilateral coercive economic measures and unjust economic siege on Syria, which negatively affected on completing the rehabilitation of machines and several production line.

He called for increasing the support of company by securing the raw material “ cotton and medical gauze”

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