Mikdad: friendship, cooperation relations between Syria and China reflect their peoples’ aspirations

Damascus, SANA- The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China held on Sunday a reception ceremony at the Chinese Ambassador’s house in Damascus, on the 65th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations with Syria and the 94th anniversary of founding the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

In a speech during the ceremony, Chinese Ambassador in Damascus, Feng Biao affirmed the necessity to develop cooperation between the two countries in a way that would achieve strategic harmonization between “the Road and the Belt” initiative and “Heading Towards the East” strategy proposed by President Bashar al-Assad few years ago, reiterating support for the Syrian people and for reconstructing what had been destroyed by terrorism.

The Chinese Ambassador referred to the recent visit paid to Syria by Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister, Wang Yi through which his country conveyed a clear message to the world that China will always support Syria’s sovereignty and its territorial integrity, and that it rejects the foreign intervention in Syria’s affairs.

 He indicated this visit has laid a new basis for strategic friendship relations between the two countries and added a new dynamism to the comprehensive and deep development of bilateral relations.

Ambassador Feng Biao noted that the practical cooperation between the two countries’ armies has achieved important and new progress in combating terrorism, pointing out to the cooperation in the field of cultural exchange and in combating Coronavirus pandemic

In a similar speech, Caretaker Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Fayssal Mikdad stressed the depth of friendship and cooperation relations between Syria and China, which reflects the hopes and aspirations of the two countries’ peoples in a time when the United States and Western countries are trying to directly offend either China or Syria.

Mikdad hailed the aid provided by China to serve the world’s peoples, underlining the importance of ” the Belt and the Road” initiative to support the developing countries in the fields of industry, roads, cooperation and culture, which will reflect on the East and West, and that is why this initiative is always attacked by the West, which is trying to put obstacles in its way to impose its hegemony on the world of politics

He referred to the visit of the Chinese Foreign Minister to Syria, its timing, meanings and significance with regard to establishing solid relations in different economic, cultural, military and security fields, stressing the continuation of the joint struggle against terrorism and the two countries’ standing side by side in the face of unilateral coercive measures and their aspiration to build a world in which state sovereignty, freedom and independence prevail.

In a statement to journalists, Special Advisor at the Republic Presidency, Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, stressed that the relations between the two countries have always been stable and distinguished due to their dependence on the principles, noting that through Syria’s approach of heading towards the east, we preserve our sovereignty, independence and humanity, and we deal with peoples and countries with whom we are sharing civilization and humanity.

Rafah al-Allouni/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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