Completing rehabilitation of power generation turbines at Jandar Company with efforts of national cadres

Homs, SANA- Over the past months of this year, the General Electricity Generating Company, Jandar in Homs, produced one billion and 784 million and 838 thousand kilowatt-hours, which constitutes 32 percent of the company’s plan for the current year, which is five billion and 656 million and 308 thousand kilowatt-hours.

Engineer Zakariya Amer, Director of the General Electricity Generating Company, Jandar, told SANA that the company is implementing an annual plan for maintenance and rehabilitation as during the current year, maintenance was carried out for the second steam turbine, and the rehabilitation and general maintenance work for the third gas turbine is currently being completed.

He pointed out that maintenance work for the second half includes carrying out partial maintenance for the second, fifth and sixth gas turbines, in addition to carrying out a general maintenance for the fourth gas turbine.

He added that the general maintenance process for all turbines is carried out periodically every four years according to the instructions of the manufacturer, and all general and partial maintenance and rehabilitation works are carried out by the efforts of our national cadres of workers and technicians.

The General Electricity Generating Company, Jandar in Homs was established in two phases, the first between 1994-1995, and it comprises six turbines, four of which are gas and two steam, and the second phase between 2011 and 2016 and it includes three turbines, two of which are gas and one steam. The company currently has 610 workers.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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