Tourism Ministry approves establishing a facility valued at SYP 40 million in Sweida

Sweida, SANA,

Ministry of Tourism has approved an establishing license for a touristic facility in the southern province of Sweida with a total cost of SYP 40 million.

Director of Sweida Tourism department Ya’arob Erbid said Monday the facility is a two-star swimming pool and a multi-purpose hall located in the historical town of Wolga on the main road of Damascus- Sweida.

The province is witnessing a tourism activity due to its historical ruins and heritage, Erbid added.

Last week, tourism ministry approved a rehabilitation facility license for a tourist establishment in Idleb worth of SYP 150 millions.

On 15 December, Tourism ministry approved a license for a tourist project in Sweida province with an investment cost reached to SYP 43 million.

  1. al-Jazaeri/ Ghossoun

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