Hasaka citizens appeal to international community to force Turkish occupier to leave the region

Hasaka, SANA- In light of the continuation of the Turkish occupier to cut off drinking water from the citizens of Hasaka city and the villages and residential complexes, the authorities concerned in Hasaka province continue their efforts to secure and transport drinking water to alleviate the suffering of the locals.

In a statement to SANA reporter, head of the Drinking Water Transportation and Securing Committee, Hassan al-Shamhoud, stated that the quantities transported through tankers are not sufficient to meet the needs of the people, as the city daily need of water reaches 80,000 cubic meters, and the quantity that is transported does not exceed 3000 cubic meters, of which 700 cubic meters for the center City.

Al-Shahmoud pointed out that the committee demanded the relief organizations operating in the governorate to increase the number of tanks to raise the amount of water transported, and work is currently underway to fill the people’s tanks on the roofs during the evening period with a quantity ranging between 300 and 500 liters.

Hasaka residents hailed the government’s efforts aimed at alleviating suffering and lessening the effects of the Turkish occupier’s crime against them, calling on the international community to pressure the Turkish occupier and keep away from the station, affirming their resilience in the face of the violations committed by the Turkish occupier, considering them as war crime and a form of terrorism to which the Syrian people are exposed.

Bushra Dabin/ Mazen Eyon

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