Prime Minister, Iraqi Agriculture Minister discuss securing needs of Syrian and Iraqi markets

Damascus, SANA- Prime Minister, Hussein Arnous, discussed on Saturday with Iraqi Minister of Agriculture, Muhammad Karim al-Khafaji and the accompanying delegation, means to bolster bilateral cooperation between the two brotherly countries.

Taking the necessary practical steps for further joint coordination in the fields of agricultural and animal production were also discussed, in addition to establishing joint companies specialized in agricultural manufacturing and land transport, and coordinating on water security issue of the two countries in a way that preserves their rights according to the international laws.

The talks also dealt with finding ways to exchange goods and commodities and facilitating their movement to ensure the needs of the Syrian and Iraqi markets of various materials , as well as cooperation in scientific research domain to develop agriculture in the two countries and choose appropriate  crops to confront climate changes and global warming ,in coordination and cooperation with ACSAD.

He affirmed the work on translating the memorandum of understanding which was signed between the ministries of agriculture of both countries through concrete measures to serve the interest of both sides.

For his part, al-Khafaji underlined the need for expanding cooperation between the two countries , and taking new steps towards achieving food security.

Manar Salameh/Shaza Qriema

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