Epic of Evacuation Day… tales of sacrifice and resilience

Damascus, SANA-The Syrians commemorate on Saturday the 75th anniversary of the evacuation of French occupier while they are facing the fierce attack of the new occupiers who wage a deadly war through their terrorist agents and an economic blockade which target the Syrians in their livelihood.

Terrorists and their sponsors who loot the resources of Syria are just like the soldiers of French occupier which, as soon as they came to Homeland in 1920, they began to plunder the Syrian resources and confiscate properties and agrarian crops.

But that didn’t succeed in affecting their determination and they expelled the occupier in 1946, and today during the victories achieved by the Syrian army on terrorism and the economic sanctions which besiege the Syrians in their livelihood, they are, such like their ancestors, determined to expel terrorism and return life to its right track.

Battle of Maysalun, in which Yusef Al-Azma was martyred, came in response to the attempts of the French occupier to impose its provisions on Syria through Gouraud ultimatum on July 14th , 1920 that formed a real nucleus of resistance against occupation.

In Sweida, Sultan Basha al-Atrash announced revolution on July 21st, 1925 by transmitting a political and military statement calling on the Syrian people to revolt against the French mandate.

In Damascus and its Ghouta, Hasan al-Kharrat led his men in night raids on the French facilities in al-Shaghour neighborhoods, Souk Saroujah and Midan, and they were able to destroy all French buildings in these areas and directly clash with the French army patrols and disarm them and take French soldiers as hostages.

Al-Kharrat did not stop at this point, but he took control on the office of “French High Commissioner”, General Maurice Sarrail at al Azem Palace in Damascus after fierce fighting, so the reaction of the French occupation was to commit massacres by bombing neighborhoods of Damascus.

Many epics written by the Syrians with blood of the martyrs who constitute an essential factor in the psychological and emotional structure of this people and as Independence, achieved by the national resistance on April 17, 1946, forms a solid basis to support the national struggle throughout the Arab world.

Bushra Dabin/ Mazen Eyon

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