Turkish occupation’s mercenaries kidnap seven civilians in Aleppo northern countryside

Aleppo, SANA- Turkish occupation’s mercenaries of terrorist organizations continued their crimes against civilians in areas where terrorists are positioned in Aleppo northern countryside, kidnapping a number of the civilians and taking them to unknown destination.

Local sources told SANA reporter that the Turkish occupation’s mercenaries of the so- called Failaq al-Sham and al-Shorta al-Askariyah carried out raids campaign against the citizens’ houses in several villages in the vicinity of occupied city of Afrin in Aleppo northern countryside, kidnapping seven civilians in al-Basoutah area and Baadina town at Maabatli areas and taking them to unknown destination.

The sources said that the Turkish occupation-backed terrorist organizations practice the most heinous crimes and put pressure on the locals in order to expelling them from their villages and housing the terrorists’ families in these villages, in a step aims to demographic change in the region.

Rafah al-Allouni/ Shaza Qriema



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