Bishop Krikor: Syria was and will remain the country of peace and love

Cairo, SANA- Bishop of Alexandria for the Armenian catholic Krikor Kousa has affirmed that Syria was and will remain the country of peace and love.

Bishop Krikor congratulated Syria on the occasion of Easter during a Pontifical Mass, which was held yesterday evening in the presence of Ambassador Dr. Bassam Darwish, Head of the Syrian Diplomatic Mission in Egypt and Deputy Head of Mission Saud Abbas.

He prayed for peace and safety to prevail in Syria and the whole region and the world and for the end of the crises they are going through.

“The resurrection of Christ calls for stopping and ending wars….and for love to be the language and message of everyone “, Bishop Krikor said.

He added “We ask the Lord Jesus to grant us strength and to end the wars that harm everyone.”

Bushra Dabin / Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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