Coronavirus victims exceed 2 million and 470 thousand worldwide

Capitals, SANA- The new coronavirus Covid 19 claimed the lives of 2,470,000 persons around the world since its outbreak in last December 2019, according to latest statistics by the American Worldometers website.

The Website added that the total number of the worldwide coronavirus infections has reached up to 111,565,243 till now, while the death toll has climbed to 2,470,276, and the recoveries have amounted to 86,702,331.

The US remains top of the most affected countries from the virus in terms of infections and mortalities as it has recorded 509,543 deaths, out of 28,665,604 infections, and  India comes in the  second rank  with 156,339 deaths, out of 10,991,091  while Brazil comes third with 245,977 deaths, out of 10,139,148.

Bushra Dabin /Hala Zain

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