Culture Minister affirms important role of art to stir the nation’s cultural stock

Tartous, SANA-Culture Minister Issam Khalil affirmed on Wednesday the importance of the Ministry’s efforts to discover and support the talents during a stage which requires stirring the cultural stock for this nation which believes in the high values of arts.


The Minister said in a speech at the opening of the First theatrical Festival for the amateurs in Tartous that art has to face “a mentality that seeks to destroy the art and kill the innovation and childhood,” hoping the festival would be a step towards upcoming ones that contain the Syrian continued innovation.

Director of the National Theatre in Tartous Ali Ismael said that theatre is a stage for innovation and activation of youth energies, adding that the Culture Ministry’s support to the Youth drama gave a momentum that was crowned by this festival.


On the sidelines of the one-week festival, Amret Musical band presented a group of national songs and sculptor Ali Mu’ala displayed 20 wood statues.



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