Abdullahian: Iran supports Russia’s initiative on holding inter-Syrian dialogue

Tehran, SANA-Iranian Assistant Foreign Minister Hussein Amir Abdullahian affirmed Wednesday that his country supports Russia’s initiative on holding a Syrian-Syrian dialogue to solve the crisis in the country.

“Holding a Syrian national dialogue represents one of the basic topics of Iran’s plan to resolve the crisis in Syria,” Abdullahian said at a press conference in Moscow.

He added Iran and Russia are committed to the general principles and strategies to solve the crisis in Syria, mainly “Preserving Syrian territorial integrity and sovereignty and adhering to the fact that President Bashar al-Assad is the legitimate president of the country.”

Abdullahian said that those who will be invited to dialogue are the ones who believe in the political solution to the crisis.

Earlier, Abdullahian stressed that Iran and Russia are seriously adopting strategies for supporting Syria and Iraq in combating terrorism, pointing out that the USA is not serious in combating the terrorist organization of “the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” (ISIS).

Mazen Eyon

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