How a displaced Syrian woman succeeded to launch her prosperous project?

Lattakia, SANA – After she has been displaced from Aleppo city due to terrorism, Ena’am Shahin lived in Ayn al-Baida village, Lattakia countryside, along with her family where she opened her small shop and she has started her project of manufacturing and selling about 15 types of dishwashing liquids using rich natural products.

Shahin, who obtained an ISO 9001 certificate, is preparing to present new products through her project which she gave a brand name as “Brix”.

“When I came to Lattakia with my family, we didn’t have anything because we were displaced from Aleppo city due to terrorist threats, and we were in need for finding a job. Therefore, I started to produce dishwashing liquid in a primitive method, in addition to manufacturing laurel soaps and selling them to the locals in the village,” Shahin said.

Shahin has been able to showcase her products through the Rural Woman Development Department which is affiliated to the Agriculture Directorate in Lattakia which has helped her in holding exhibitions for her products outside the village.

Shahin’s family and 5 other families from the village are helping her in the project as they package the products, and she benefits from the marketing ideas and training courses that she has followed through the Agriculture Directorate in Lattakia.

She has also benefited from her family’s academic and scientific experience in manufacturing process, as her husband has a PhD in Petrochemistry, and her son is a student in Chemistry Faculty at Tishreen University.

 Shahin’s project has flourished as her products which she gave a brand name of “Brix” currently reach different Syrian provinces.

 Shahin’s husband, Dr. Ali Kharbutli noted that they were forced to leave Aleppo city and left all of their possessions behind them after being threatened by terrorists.

“In the year 2012, we found a shelter in Ayn al-Baida village, and from there we started to think of investing our experience and studies particularly with the pristine nature in a village rich with flowers and aloe Vera, from which we can extract essential oils,” Dr. Kharbutli said.

He added that they have developed a primitive method for manufacturing dishwashing liquid by introducing new materials in the manufacturing process.

Head of Rural Women Development Department at Lattakia Agriculture Directorate, Eng. Rabab Wardeh said “since the beginning of its work, the department has focused on rural women to help them establish various projects related to empowering them and improving their living conditions, in addition to granting loans them to be able to establish small and micro enterprises.”

 She added that the department is currently provides support to 375 women, each one of them has her story of success.

Hybah Sleman / Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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