Syrian-Iranian cooperation talks continue with Iranian parliament’s speaker

Tehran, SANA – Prime Minister Wael al-Halaqi discussed with Speaker of Iran’s Shura Council Ali Larijani the current situation and prospects of bilateral relations between Syria and Iran.

Talks during the meeting, which was held on Wednesday, addressed issues related to cooperation in various domains, primarily in economic and trade areas.

A particular focus, however, was placed on means to guarantee the provision of needs and requirements that are necessary to help the Syrian people stand their ground under the unjust economic blockade imposed on Syria.

A review of the quick pace at which local reconciliations have been recently achieved in various areas across Syria was made in the course of talks, while other issues related to the Syrian government’s determination to eliminate terrorism on its land and preparation for the post-crisis reconstruction stage were underscored.

Premier al-Halaqi and Speaker Larijani also touched upon the outcomes of the talks the former has held with Iranian officials in Tehran as part of his ongoing visit to Iran heading a government delegation.

Larijani hailed the efforts which the Syrian government has been putting to bolster the capabilities of the Syrian economy and keep it firm.

An expression of confidence in Syria achieving imminent victory soon was voiced by the Iranian Speaker, who reiterated that Iran will continue to back Syria with all its powers and capabilities.

Mnisters of Industry, Petroleum and Mineral Resources and Health are among other figures who attended al-Halaqi-Larijani meeting.

Larijani: Iran will stand by Syria in all circumstances

Following the meeting, Larijani stressed that Iran will, in all circumstances, stand by Syria and the Syrian people to support the resistance and in fighting terrorism.

Syria, over the past four years, proved that “it has been walking the right path in combating terrorism and terrorists,” Larijani said in a statement.

He went on saying that Syria has showed a high capacity in confronting the phenomenon of terrorism and “everybody should support it in that.”

Larijani stressed that Syria has been a “strong” state within the axis of resistance and has seriously backed it, “whereas some others only speak in slogans.”

Syria, he affirmed, has surpassed the crisis and is achieving one victory after another.

In another context, Premier al-Halaqi paid a visit to a pioneer Iranian scientific center specialized in advanced medical research in stem cell production and transplantation for disease treatment, including diabetes, liver, retina and sinews, voicing the Syrian government’s desire to benefit from the leading Iranian scientific expertise.

Al-Halaqi: Syrian delegation’s visit to Iran “successful” and will positively reflect on national economy

In a statement before his departure from Tehran, Prime Minister Wael al-Halaqi described the Syrian government’s delegation to Iran as “successful” and will positively reflect on the national economy and the enhancement of the Syrian people’s steadfastness through providing their needs of food supplies, oil derivatives and development requirements.

Al-Halaqi noted that focus was laid on the economic and trade relations between the two countries, promising cooperation prospects in energy, oil and services,  and the rehabilitation of facilities damaged by terrorists in electricity and health and water resources sectors.

He reiterated the Syrian people’s appreciation of the Iranian leadership and people’s support until uprooting terrorism and terrorists.

For his part, Iranian Roads and Urban Development Minister Abbas Akhoundi stressed the strategic Syrian-Iranian relations, expressing hope over the success of this visit in achieving its goals.

He declared that an Iranian delegation will visit Syria soon.

Rasha Raslan/ Haifa Said/ Hazem Sabbagh

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