More than SYP 6 billion distributed to those affected by fires in Lattakia countryside   

Damascus, SANA- Syria Trust for Development has finished the main stage of distributing financial donations in Lattakia Province as it has distributed SYP 6.2 billion.

In a statement, the Syria Trust for Development noted that distributing the financial donations has lasted for 13 days, and it included 15,881 people who had been affected by the fires in 231 villages.

The statement added that there will be a complementary stage for distributing the aid in Lattakia after the final lists which include the names of those who have been affected by the fires will be sent by the specialized committee.

Syria Trust for Development has allocated SYP 8 billion of financial donations in which the Syrians have contributed over the past weeks which followed the wave of fires with the aim of compensating those who had been affected as this sum of money will be distributed among the farmers as a compensation for the damages inflicted on their current agricultural season. Each person who had been affected by the fires will obtain 60 percent of the first payment as a compensation by the government for the year 2020.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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