US political analyst call for exposing crimes and dirty secrets of United States in Syria

Washington, SANA_ American political thinker James Bouffard called for exposing the crimes and “dirty secrets” of the United States in Syria, in particular the continuous attacks, the occupation of parts of its territory and the support of terrorist organizations since the beginning of the war they waged.

“To prevent the next administration, led by Joe Biden, from repeating past mistakes and preventing a new round of lies and atrocities, American past crimes in Syria must be exposed,” Bouffard noted in an article published by the Consortium News.

He called on outgoing President Donald Trump to reveal “US dirty secret files regarding Syria saying that this “will become an effective weapon in the hands of a huge number of Americans who are categorically opposed to launching new wars.”

In this regard, Bouffard cited the remark of Max Abrams, a lecturer at Northeastern University that  Biden’s team has pledged to increase pressure on Syria by providing terrorist organizations that Washington calls the opposition with more weapons and money, and that every foreign policy “expert” in Biden’s team has previously supported the course of “overthrowing governments” and helping terrorist organizations including Al Qaeda, destroying countries, and displacing millions of refugees from their homes.

Bouffard inquired in his article to American voters, “How many Syrians voted to kill them on Election Day, however” Thanks to our political system, the answer to this question will be revealed over the next four years if the Biden’s administration succeeded in drawing the United States back into the war in Syria, considering at the same time that there are steps that the current US administration can take in the last months of its mandate “to deter such follies.”

The American political thinker clarified that the US policy towards Syria embodied, for a long period of time, the decay and maliciousness of politicians and political decision-makers in Washington as well as the corruption of a large part of the American mass media.

He pointed out that lies formed the basis of this policy and that the fabricated arguments that used by the US politicians to justify destruction of Serbia, Iraq and Libya were fabricated by the former US Secretary of State, John Kerry, in 2013 over Syria.

In the context of his speaking about the policies followed by the previous US administrations in the war on Syria and the lies that were circulated, Bouffard clarified that ” The lie and killing, in many cases, were two sides of the same political coin.”

The political analyst pointed out that the disclosure of documents about American intervention and crimes in Syria will provide a lot of evidence that will help opponents of war and intervention in other countries more effectively resist this policy.

Concluding the article, he stressed that no American national interest can justify the killing of people in Syria or anywhere else.

Manar Salameh/ MHD Ibrahim/ GH.A.Hassoun

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