International Junior Chamber in Tartous wins the best project award for the scope of growth and development at global level

Tartous, SANA-A new achievement is being recorded for the International Junior Chamber in Syria in general and the international Young Chamber in Tartous, particularly by achieving first place on the local level for Africa and the Middle East, in addition to the award for the best project for the Growth and development scope at the global level, in the International Young Chamber conference, which was held via a remote electronic platform.

Mary Al-Hassan, the local Chairwoman of the International Junior Chamber in Tartous, pointed out that the award was for dedicated the best growth development project in the world, which is the only one in Syria which won the best project award in Africa and the Middle East also  on the same category “growth and development “ indicating that the project was launched from the urgent need to increase community awareness of the important role of adolescents on earth and enhancing their self-confidence and their ability to make positive change in their communities in various aspects of life.

She added  that  the sustainability of the project was achieved through providing development opportunities for those young people and opening the door for them to have real experiences aimed at achieving  Positive change within their community, through launching the program “ GCI Potentials.”

The program, developed by the project, includes various training courses according to “Hassan”, including training Young adults about the art of speech, which aims to enable young people to express their ideas and successes, in addition to the art of debate that aims to empower young people from its basics and equipping a team of debaters trained in presentation skills and the presentation within a special program entitled “Presentation Skills” which aims to enable adolescents to present themselves in front of people and present their ideas and projects.

Bushra Dabin/ Mazen Eyon

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