Animal sacrifice…One of most important religious rituals of ancient Palmyrene

Damascus, SANA- The ancient Palmyrene celebration of the animal sacrifice as a means of getting closer to the gods is shown by the archaeological discoveries found in the valleys of the city of Palmyra.

In this regard, archaeological researcher Dr. Khalil al-Hariri, the Director of Palmyra Museum explained that the sacrifice was one of the most important religious rituals of the ancient Palmyrenes, as they used to do that as vows for Gods with the hope of obtaining water or cure from diseases.

He indicated that there were certain occasions where the Palmyrenes were offering the sacrifices, such as the annual feast of Palmyra or the Feast of Goodness which falls on April 6 of every year.

One of the paintings discovered in the temple of Al-Lat in Palmyra, according to al-Hariri, shows a scene of a person on horseback carrying a sheep in his hand to present it to the goddess of Al-Lat, the goddess of war and peace at the Palmyrenes.

Due to the importance of sacrifices in the religious life of Palmyra, al-Hariri pointed out that Temple of Baal in the ancient city of Palmyra contained two entrances, one for the entry of humans and the second for sacrifices.

The sanctuary of the chapel included an altar in which all the sacrifices were offered to Baal from animals. Religious banquets were prepared from sacrificial meat for visitors.

Nisreen Othman / GH.A.Hassoun

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