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Syria sweeps 37 medals in 2014 Special Olympics MENA Regional Games

Cairo, SANA- The Syrian Special Olympiad mission to the 8th Special Olympics MENA Regional Games in Egypt won 12 gold medals, 14 silvers and 11 bronzes.

In the Gymnastics, Syrian players harvested the biggest number of gold medals winning 6 gold and 6 silver, while in the competitions of weightlifting, the national team swept 14 medals including 4 gold , 6 silver and 4 bronze.

In the equestrian games, Syrian players won a gold medal and a silver while in tennis competitions, Syrian tennis players won a gold medal, and in the ping-pong games, the Syrian team swept a silver medal and a bronze.
In the athletics, a silver medal and a gold were achieved by Syrian players while in the wheelchair skiing sport, they won three bronze medals and in the bocce ball games two bronzes were won.

13 countries are participating in the 8th Special Olympics MENA Regional Games in which more than 1,025 players are competing in 14 sports.

Syria is participating in the event with a team consisting of 56 athletes who will compete in 10 games: swimming, track and field, cycling, equestrian games, weightlifting, table tennis, badminton, gymnastics, rollerblading, and bocce.

The previous session of the Special Olympics MENA Regional Games was held in Damascus in 2010, and witnessed the participation of over 2,000 athletes from 23 countries.

R. al-Jazaeri/ Ghossoun

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