President al-Assad and Mrs. Asmaa visit “Producers 2020” exhibition from Aleppo

Damascus, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad and Mrs. Asmaa al-Assad visited on Wednesday “Producers 2020” exhibition at Takkiya Suleimanya in Damascus which gathers producers from Aleppo, whose factories and shops have been affected during the duration of war and they have returned to work and production with the determination of Syrians who face blockade and unjust sanctions imposed on the Homeland.

During the tour to the exhibition pavilions, President al-Assad and Mrs. Asmaa listened to an explanation by the producers about their participation in the exhibition and its importance as a platform for internal and external marketing of the factories’ productions that were rehabilitated and returned to production through the support offered to the micro and medium enterprises to break the blockade and curb the rise of prices.

President al-Assad talked to the participants in the exhibition, saying that “when we meet as producers during these hard, difficult and special conditions to which Syria has never lived since the days of independence, this is indeed a very special and meaningful message; Aleppo has been besieged from all sides, its production has never stopped, so the case is not the siege, there is the issue of oil and wheat that is burned in the north-eastern parts, undoubtedly, this would have an impact.”

“The economic problem has another reason which is the money that have been taken by the Syrians who deposited them in Lebanon, and when the banks in Lebanon have closed, we have paid the price.. this is the essence of the problem… the current crisis is not connected to the blockade… the blockade is there since many years… this doesn’t mean that the blockade is good or the Americans are innocents… the crisis has begun since a number of months before Caesar Act… the money that have gone, in minimum they say that they were nearly 20 billion USD, and in maximum some say they were nearly 42 billion USD, it is a huge number,” President al-Assad added.

The President appreciated the producers’ projects that have begun after the last liberation of Aleppo in February, saying they were  wonderful in light of the financial capabilities and the economic conditions for Syria and Aleppo.

Participants in the exhibition affirmed that the visit of President al-Assad and Mrs. Asmaa is a message of support to the production process.

Mazen Eyon


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