Palestinian prisoner al-Akhras continues hunger strike for 101 consecutive day

Occupied Jerusalem, SANA- Palestinian prisoner Maher al-Akhras continues his hunger strike for the 101st consecutive day on Wednesday in protest against Israeli occupation continued crimes against the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails amid fatal deterioration of his health condition.

Palestinian Prisoners’ Affairs Commission spokesperson Hassan Abed Rabbo told WAFA news agency that health situation of al-Akhras is still critical, noting that he is facing a serious and imminent threat to his life as he has been experiencing frequent seizures, acute headaches, significant weakness in his vision and hearing, in addition to severe pain all over his body, warning that he is in immediate and fatal danger.

Abed Rabbo referred to the continued efforts exerted to release al-Akhras and the communication with the world’s parliaments to save his life.

In a flagrant violation of the international and humanitarian law and the human rights, the Israeli occupation authorities reject to release al-Akhras despite warnings by human rights and Palestinian organizations about the severe deterioration of his health condition and their call upon the international community to put pressure on Israeli authorities to set al-Akhras free.

Hala Zain

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