QSD militia continues to displace families from their houses in Hasaka

Hasaka, SANA- The US occupation-backed QSD militia on Sunday threated with weapons tens of the families which live in al-Amran neighborhood in Hasaka City and it forced them to leave their houses in implementation of the US occupation schemes, a day after seizing tens of apartments in other neighborhoods in the city.

Local sources told SANA reporter in Hasaka that armed groups from QSD militia threatened dozens of the families which live in al-Amran neighborhood within Hasaka City with weapons, and it forced them to leave their houses within 24 hours causing the displacement of tens of the families which include children, women and elderly.

The families expressed absolute rejection of the arbitrary acts practiced by the QSD militia against the locals through which it tries to displace them and to expel them from their houses at the gunpoint.

They indicated that these practices come in implementation of the orders of their US operator which wants to completely evacuate all the governmental buildings and the residential buildings which are close to its illegitimate bases without caring about the fate of tens of the families which will be displaced.

The families called for stopping the practices of QSD militia and mobilizing all the efforts to put an end to its criminal acts against the locals which are represented in seizing the public schools or seizing the houses of the locals and expelling them.

Meanwhile, local sources in Hasaka indicated that QSD militia has deprived thousands of children from pursuing their study after seizing the schools and transforming them into military positions and imposing separatist curricula, and displacing tens of families, in addition to storming into the towns and villages in the countryside of the province and kidnapping many of the youths and putting them in the prisons and imposing royalties on the locals.

On Saturday, QSD militia seized more than 16 residential apartments in al-Nashwa neighborhood, and it threatened the rest of the locals with the necessity to evacuate and promised them to use force if they refuse to leave the buildings.

On October 10th, QSD militia seized a number of buildings in Masaken al-Shurta neighborhood in al-Ghwairan neighborhood in the vicinity of the prison, and it forced the locals to evacuate their houses at the gunpoint after attacking and beating them.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri



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