Meteorology Department: No Tsunami on Syrian coasts, just high waves

Damascus, SANA- Meteorology General Department reduced the possibility of any tsunami on Syrian coasts, asserting that the Mediterranean Sea is not an ideal place for the formation of tsunami because it lacks breadth and depth, in addition to the large number of islands and their position.

Weather forecaster Maher Murhej told SANA in a statement that no tsunami waves were registered on the Levant coasts following the devastating earthquake which struck the Aegean Sea yesterday opposite of the Turkish and Greek coasts which reached 07,00 on Richter scale which was followed by more than 100 aftershocks, some of them 04,00 at Richter scale.

He added that the earthquakes which have happened so far in the eastern Mediterranean area are not severe enough to lead for the formation of strong tsunami, therefore, in case a tsunami has occurred, it will not be so dangerous, but it will be ordinary waves with a height of one and one and a half meters.

The European Commission said that the danger on the Syrian and Lebanese coasts will be weak during the next few hours following the earthquake hit Turkey, as some waves would reach one to one and a half meters.
However, the European Commission reduced any fears that the water will enter the land, noting that it is preferable to take preventive measures.
Hala Zain

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