Beshraghi village embodies magic of pristine nature in Jableh countryside

Lattakia, SANA- At a distance of 26 kilometers from Jableh city, Beshraghi village is located and it is surrounded by vast forests, fresh springs, wonderful natural scenes of the sea and the mountains, in addition to archeological monuments dating back to ancient times.

Marwan Shabani, Mayor of Beshraghi village told SANA that the village is distinguished by its pristine nature which forms marvelous natural paintings that charm all of its visitors.

Shabani indicated that the highest peak in the village is about 925 m above the sea level and it overlooks several villages, including Bsindyana, Beit Yashout, Bismalikh, and Hamam al-Qarahleh, and it also overlooks the sea from the western side, pointing out that the visitor of the peak can see the mountains of Lattakia and al-Qardaha.

The village, according to Shabani, is famous for several sites, the most important of which is the Ruwaiseh area or al-Sour, which is the highest peak in the village that is open from all four directions and it overlooks picturesque nature scenes as far as the eye can see, in addition to Dahir al-Jrouf area, which is a mountain foothill with small rivers, fresh springs and creek inside the rocks.

The mayor pointed out that the most beautiful characteristic of Beshraghi village are the al-Ghar falls that flow abundantly in winter forming a very beautiful scene.

The village includes a number of cemeteries and caves which reflect its deep-rooted heritage and the ancient human existence in it.

Nisreen Othman / Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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